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What We Do

Participation in sports, fitness, and recreational activities is growing. Unfortunately, there is also an increase in injuries related to these activities. The Acadia Sports Therapy Clinic’s qualified and experienced staff evaluate, treat, and prevent injuries which occur as a result of these activities and enable individuals to pursue their sports, fitness, and recreational goals. Services are available to all members of the university community as well as the to the general public and no longer require a physician's referral. 


Clinic staff provide rehabilitation for individuals with sport-related conditions. We help anyone from a varsity hockey player with a separated shoulder, to a youth soccer player with an ankle sprain, to an adult recreational cyclist with low back pain, or to a senior walker with arthritic knees. Equal consideration and quality of care is given to all persons who require our services.


Clinic staff are involved with research projects conducted by university students and faculty.


Clinic staff are committed to educating all of our patients on the nature, treatment,  and expected outcome of their injuries.
The formal education of students is an important service provided by clinic staff. Certified therapists in a professional setting provide an opportunity for Acadia University students in the Exercise Studies Program to learn basic therapeutic skills through observation and inquiry. 

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