Kyle Seagram

Kyle Seagram

Owner, Physiotherapist

MScPT, Registered Physiotherapist


Kyle Seagram

Kyle completed his Masters of physiotherapy at Queen’s University in 2018. A highly competitive athlete, he represented Nova Scotia in snowboarding, played soccer at a university level, and summited Mt. Kilimanjaro twice. Athletics have always been a core part of Kyle’s identity, and as such, Kyle understands the devastating impact injuries can have on an athlete’s identity. From injuries in his own sporting career, to working with athletes and varsity teams, Kyle has learned first-hand how important a physiotherapist’s role can be in injury recovery and prevention.

Since graduation, Kyle has helped individuals recover from a variety of conditions including sports injury, traumatic accidents, chronic pain, concussion and vestibular conditions. He incorporates an exercise-based approach in his treatment along with a variety of skills including manual therapy and acupuncture/dry needling. Kyle promotes a healthy active lifestyle, doing his best to lead by example.

In his free time he enjoys a variety of sports as well as exploring Nova Scotia’s beaches with his wife Kaitlin and their golden retriever.

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